Cement Pipe Factory in Sikar

YCC is the largest manufacturer of AC Pressure Pipes in North India. We provide full range of RCC Hume, cement pipe, NP2 & NP3 Pipes.

Cement Pipes
RCC Hume Pipes
NP2 & NP3 Pipes


1. Blend of Experience & Youth
While experience brings level headedness to an enterprise which prevents it from overreaching, youth bring the energy to experiment with new things and move forward. We understand that both experience and youth are essential to run a company. Three generations of the founder family working together in perfect harmony is an embodiment of this fact. Wisdom of the seniors to channel the energy of the youth defines the working culture at the company.


2. Relationship building
At YCC we believe that any organization’s primary business is not to manufacture or sell a product but to build relations. We understand that our biggest asset is our relations with our channel partners, with our customers, with our vendors and finally with each other in the company. The value of relationships for us is second to none.

3. Service
We, at YCC, do not believe in classification of a business as a Service business or a Manufacturing business. We believe that every organization to be successful in today’s age has to be service based. We take pride in our prompt & thoughtful service and believe this is something that differentiates us from a lot of our competitors.

4. Environmental consciousness
One thing that has gradually become a part of the culture of YCC is our responsibility towards the society and environment at large. Although the company became conscious about this a little late, we are leaving no stone un-turned to make up for the lost years. We understand that every action that we take affects a larger society and thus make full effort to make that affect a positive one.


5. Unmatched enthusiasm
One thing that has not changed over 15 years of the company’s journey is the enthusiasm to grow and the ability to take and absorb risks. Undoubtedly this has resulted in some good and some bad results for the company over time but it has not dented one bit its ability to take risks and move forward. This is the reason why the company has been a pioneer in manufacturing of many new products in the state of Rajasthan and we are sure we will continue to do so.


Building upon our strong foundation and transforming the growth trajectory of the company by developing its human capital and IT & Data-driven processes.

To positively touch as many lives as possible by continuously expanding our reach and horizons.

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